Paddlers, like all other, may have illnesses or injuries which require them to take particular medications. If the medication which you need to treat an illness or medical condition is included in the Prohibited List, you must apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if you wish to take the medication. After the ICF Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee has reviewed the application, you may be given authorisation to take the needed medicine.

Which Paddlers should apply to the ICF for a TUE? 
If you are participating in any International Competition, you must apply for a TUE directly from the ICF either through ADAMS or by email.

If the Athlete already has a TUE granted for national-level competition by his/her National Anti-Doping Organisation, that TUE is not automatically valid for international-level competition and it is necessary to apply to the ICF for recognition. If the TUE meets the criteria set out in the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, then the ICF will recognise it for purposes of international-level Competition. 


If you wish to apply for the therapeutic use of prohibited substance or method which is included in the Prohibited List, you must:

1) complete a full TUE application form

2) attach a complete medical file

3) send it to the ICF HQ via adams, email or post

Important note: the process can take up to one month, so please make sure to submit the required documents in time in order to have the response from the Medical Committee before your competition.


The type of documentation you must submit for the use of glucocorticosteroids depends on the “route of administration” (how you administer or take the medication)

Authorised Routes of Administration 
You do not need to submit any TUE if you take Glucocorticosteroids by the following routes: 

  • Dermatological – on the skin;
  • Auricular - in or on the ear;
  • Buccal – inside the mouth (without swallowing);
  • Gingival - on the gums;
  • Nasal - inside the nose, either by topical application or nasal spray;
  • Ophthalmic – on or in the eye;
  • Perianal – on or around the anus;
  • Inhalation – through the mouth via an inhaler or “puffer”;
  • Intradermal injection – into the skin;
  • Epidural injection – into the spine;
  • Intra-articular injection – into a joint capsule;
  • Periarticular injection – around a joint;
  • Peritendinous injection – around a tendon.

Systemic Administration 
You must complete a full TUE application if you take glucocorticosteroids by any of the following systemic routes:

  • Orally – through the mouth, usually in the form of pills or tablets;
  • Intravenous injection – injected into a vein;
  • Intramuscular injection – injected straight into a muscle;
  • Rectally – into the rectum usually in the form of a suppository or rectal application of a cream.


Submitting a TUE for the use of beta-2 agonists for asthma depends on the “drug” which is used to treat your asthma. Please pay attention to the substance which is included in your inhaler!

Beta-2 agonists for asthma (Salmeterol /Salbutamol/Formoterol)
You do not need to submit any TUE if you take inhaled Salmeterol, Salbutamol (up to a daily dose of 1600 μg) and/or Formoterol (up to a daily dose of 54 μg).

Terbutaline or other beta-2 agonist
If you take Terbutaline or any other beta-2 agonist for the treatment of asthma, you must submit a TUE for asthma and a full medical file to confirm the diagnosis of asthma and/or its clinical variants. The medical file should include:

  • A detailed medical history and clinical review;
  • Lung function test with spirometry;
  • Bronchodilator response;
  • Bronchial provocation tests.


All TUE applications must be submitted in legible English. Written medical reports must also be submitted in legible English, although results of tests may be in the original language.

All TUE applications must be received by the ICF at least 21 days before medication is commenced.

Applications may be received by the ICF by the following means:

Email: michel.alarcon@canoeicf.com

Post: Av de Rhodanie 54, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland