Official Hashtags

The ICF is continuing to build and increase its social media presence and would like athletes to adopt the following hashtags (#) when posting canoe/kayak related content in order for activities to be monitored and continue to build a strong global canoe/kayak presence.

Messages that you wish the ICF to ReTweet or push across its platforms should contain @PlanetCanoe

Global Hashtag


Discipline Specific Hashtags

Canoe Sprint  - #ICFsprint
Canoe Slalom - #ICFslalom
Canoe Freestyle - #ICFfreestyle
Canoe Marathon - #ICFmarathon
Ocean Racing - #ICFoceanRacing
Paracanoe - #ICFparacanoe
Wildwater Canoeing - #ICFwildwater
Canoe Polo - #ICFcanoePolo
Dragon Boat - #ICFdragonBoat

Use of the officlal ICF hashtags also enable the ICF to fully monitor global social media activity around the sport and as such mean that by adopting them you are helping promote your sport.