The ICF canoe slalom world cup in Ljubljana this weekend will be a welcome change for athletes who have been forced to endure a year of frustrating cancellations and postponements, according to the ICF’s slalom committee chairman, Jean-Michel Prono.

While ongoing international travel restrictions will keep several athletes away, many of the world’s top competitors will hit the water in the first international canoe slalom event of 2020.

“It’s so great to great to not only come together with the athletes and team leaders, but also with the group of people we are used to working with,” Mr Prono said.

“We said goodbye after last year’s world championships in La Seu, and now this is the first time we have been able to come together since then.

“It’s been not only frustrating, but also there has been uncertainty. That’s the most complicated parameter to meet for the athletes.”

The ICF is hoping to run a second slalom world cup event in Pau, France, next month. In September the European canoe slalom championships were held successfully in Prague.

Mr Prono paid tribute to the organisers of all three events.

“It’s a great achievement,” he said.

“I think it’s part of the commitment of all the stakeholders. Last month in Prague, and now both Tacen and Pau have been very committed.”

The ICF canoe slalom world cup begins on Friday and runs through until Sunday.

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