A level one coaches course was held in Dakar, Senegal from December 17-24, the continuation of the ICF education program for coaches and officials to develop the Canoe Sprint and Slalom discipline in Africa.

Through the support of the Olympic Solidarity program, the Tunisian ICF expert, Zak Mahmoudi, was invited to conduct the course. A total of 14 coaches attended the course, including four women.

Senegal is the host country of the Youth Olympic Games in 2022. Mr Mahmoudi has visited three venues potential to be the host of canoe sprint and Slalom discipline at the YOG, with the goal to determine and evaluate what support the national federation needs to assist in achieving their goals.

The ICF will work hand-in-hand with the Senegal National Olympic Committee and the National Federation to ensure a strong preparation for the organization of the Youth Olympic Games in 2022. The long-term goal is to have Senegal qualify and compete at the Olympic Games in 2020, and to prepare the best young athletes for a shot at YOG in their home town Dakar 2022.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the president of the Senegalese Federation, Ady Fall, for the great hospitality and congratulate all the coaches who successfully passed the examination of the ICF level 1 certification,’’ Mr Mahmoudi said.

The feedback from those attending the course was positive. 

"We really appreciated the ICF / Olympic Solidarity support for approving and supporting Senegal to organize the first international coach’s course in Dakar, Senegal," Senegalese Federation President, Ady Fall, said.

"The objective in the near future is to work on the organization of the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games.

"Congratulations to all certified coaches, Zak the ICF expert, and the Senegal National Olympic Committee.’’

Technical director, Massamba Fall, said the group appreciated the professionalism of the course. 

"We appreciated the great value the coach's course provided throughout the course," he said.

"The topics and content have been well mastered with good pedagogy. This brings us to congratulate you again.

"With humility and generosity, you have overcome all the difficulties to give coaches the desire and motivation to learn. The unique approach and quality of the courses were remarkable, thank you Zak.’’

Senegal ICF coaching course Dhaka December 2018 

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