Rio 2016 Olympic Games Canoe Slalom
7 - 11 August 2016
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Canoe Slalom2016 Rio Canoe Slalom Olympic Games

Event highlights

11 August 2016

Kayak (K1) Women: FOX (AUS) - bronze

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from Jessica FOX (AUS) after winning bronze in the canoe slalom women's K1 event at Whitewater Stadium on Thursday.

On hitting a gate in her run in the final, leading to a nervous wait to see if she had won bronze:

"It's been an emotional couple of minutes. I think I went through all of the emotions. I finished my run happy and then I got a late penalty added on and had to wait to see if I was on the podium and to finally I have the bronze medal in my hand is a great feeling. It's my second Olympic medal so I'm very proud of it."

On why she hit the gate:

"I guess the conditions were pretty tough today. There was a lot of wind and coming into the last upstream (gate) I was a bit loose with my edges, came in tight and slid out into the wind, so I had a very small touch and that's why it took a while to come on to the score.

"That's why canoe slalom is so exciting because anything can happen on the day."

On gold medallist Maialen CHOURRAUT (ESP) and silver medallist Luuka JONES (NZL):

"I'm very happy for Maialen winning the gold medal and Luuka, another Oceania teammate, winning silver. It's been an amazing day."

On her mother and coach, Myriam FOX JERUSALMI (FRA), who won bronze in the same event at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games:

"I think my parents will be proud and happy. My mother won the bronze medal in Atlanta and has shared this journey with me as my coach. We went though all the highs and lows together."

On the broader family support:

"My sister is in the crowd leading the cheer squad and it's been fantastic to have all the other support here."

11 August 2016

Kayak (K1) Women: medal facts

RIO DE JANEIRO - Maialen CHOURRAUT (ESP) won the kayak (K1) women event in canoe slalom on Thursday. Luuka JONES (NZL) took silver and Jessica FOX (AUS) collected bronze.

CHOURRAUT's medal was the first gold medal for Spain in the sport canoe slalom.

JONES brought New Zealand its first medal of any colour in canoe slalom. It is the 14th sport in which New Zealand has won at least one medal.

FOX and CHOURRAUT are now two of five athletes that have won two medals in this event. FOX (silver) and CHOURRAUT (bronze) were on the podium in London 2012.

Non-European NOCs are still waiting for their first win in an individual canoe slalom event.

11 August 2016

Kayak (K1) Women: JONES (NZL) - silver

RIO DE JANEIRO - Comments from Luuka JONES (NZL) after winning silver in the canoe slalom women's K1 event at Whitewater Stadium on Thursday.

On winning silver:

"I am just so, so happy right now it is hard to explain. I think it's still sinking in a little bit. It's surreal."

On what the silver medal will mean to her family:

"I had a photo come through of my sister and my mum watching the quaifications the other day. They looked really stressed out so I think they'll be really happy for me and relieved that I have achieved this."

On the atmosphere:

"It was incredible. You're sitting on the start line the crowd is there and cheering and you finish your run and they're all cheering. It was just amazing."

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