The International Canoe Federation today announces an exciting new chapter in the broadcasting of global paddle sports.

From the start of this season, the ICF will be moving the live broadcasting of all major events exclusively to Recast, an innovative platform which will enable the ICF to further develop paddle sports into the future.

Recast is a live and on-demand streaming platform which will provide fans with the option to secure access to live coverage and events using credits obtained by engaging with content and products on the Recast platform.

Just by signing up to Recast viewers will gain credits providing direct access to the live action. The registration process is simple and the service can be accessed from any device.

Viewers will then have access to top-quality broadcast streaming provided by ICF.

Fans can gain additional credit in the Recast platform by watching adverts, enhancing their profile, sharing content and inviting friends. In addition there is the opportunit to purchase credits directly.

Join Recast and follow Planet Canoe

This is an exciting milestone in the history of broadcasting canoeing events,” ICF President, Thomas Konietzko, said.

“Recast will provide us with an opportunity to continue to progress our streaming services. The support of fans will also guarantee we can continue to embrace new broadcasting technologies into the future.

“It’s important to note that all funds raised through our use of Recast will be ploughed back into the development of canoeing globally. This is important if we are to remain competitive globally and to meet the growing costs of expanding our sport.”

Recast is a platform which is already being used by several sports around the world. It’s ease-of-use and accessibility has proven popular with sport fans.

Recast is much more than a viewing platform, it opens opportunities to build a secure future for our content creation and live broadcast,” ICF Secretary General, Richard Pettit, said.

“It will give fans, athletes and coaches opportunities to not only easily view and share content, but actively adovate for our sport and engage more viewers.”

You can learn more about Recast, and how it can work for you in our FAQ.

Recast Frequently Asked Questions

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